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  1. The new firmware of the controller has Schedule Tasks
  2. Question: How does the broadcast from the base unit work? Answer: By default line 3 and 4 are just regular line ports, but if switch to a broadcast mode, they can broadcast the incoming call to all handsets and walkies. For example, if you wire x435 to our line 4 port with broadcast on, it will auto answer with a greeting asking for the group number, or wait to broadcast all. After the beep, you are then broadcasted to the selected group or all handsets.
  3. Question: How many ports/lines does the broadcast take up on the Pro? Answer: There are 4 available time slots on each PRO base unit. It uses 2 of the 4 time slots during a broadcast. One is being used as the occupied line (L4 for example), and the other time slot is used to do the outgoing broadcast to all the handsets. This means that if you are on 3 calls (L1, L2, AND L3), L4 broadcast will NOT work. During a broadcast, if L1 and L2 are in use, and L3 receives an incoming call, the incoming call takes priority. The broadcast stops, and phones ring instead.
  4. The PHY rate used in the AP-client connection is determined by the capabilities of the AP and the capabilities of the client. For example, an 802.11ac AP that supports three spatial streams and 80 MHz channels can provide data rates up to 1,300 Mbps. However, if the client is limited to 802.11n, two spatial streams, and 40 MHz channels, the PHY rate will not exceed 300 Mbps.
  5. Good question rhinox27. Woldwide Internet has everything or maybe not. The link below has a better info compare to others posts over the web. Hope this suffices your requirement. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/allow-pings-icmp-echo-request-through-your-windows-vista-firewall/
  6. Thanks Alijalali. I think what Lee10114 pertains to is on the User Tab. See screen shot below:
  7. Are you pertaining to the User Tab of the EnGenius Zone Controller? I am not an expert on EZ Controller but I believed the red ones pertain to idle or disconnected devices and black ones pertain to active or connected devices. After 30 sec., the page will refresh and only the black ones remain.
  8. laireV

    Polarization Type

    Technically speaking, yes it should work. However, it may not reliable as expected.
  9. Scenario: Computer 1 ( <-> router ( <-> EGS2110P ( <-> computer 2 ( The EGS2110P has no VLANs and being used as a simple switch. Tried disabling/enabling Bonjour but no effect. The only change on the switch from the stock configuration is the static IP. Is there a setting that needs to be enabled to allow the ping to go through the switch? Fix: When sending ping request across the network it uses ICMP (internet connection message protocol). Firewall is native to windows platform and it is enabled by default. This is the reason why the ICMP echo request is blocked and most cases failed to reach the destination address. What you need to do is either disable the windows firewall of the computer completely or create an exceptional rule for ICMP echo request to reply ping commands in existing firewall.
  10. Question: Adjusting the power output of my FreeStyl1 to avoid interference with other devices across the street. How do I do that? Answer: Press “MENU,*,*,*,*,#” to enter service II. Select “PWLV control”-> Handset or -> Base. (1) Auto(Non-EU) : is the default value for both handset and base. (2) Select (BASE). (3) Change to “Default(EU)”. (4) Exit. Please be advised with a few things as the followings: Note 1: Hard resetting base will erase the setting and put it back to default. Note 2: The power level is lower and range will be reduced about 50%. Because the range of the FreeStyl1 is underrated, it still should meet or exceed the range as advertised, even at the lower power setting. Note 3: This change will reduce interference noise by about 80%. Its still is there and it still is not as good of a resolution, please contact tech support with 1-888-735-7888 and inform support engineer what you have done on the phone.
  11. Scenario: User/Installer has a Cisco IP Phone and would like to connect it through the EGS7228P switch. Fix: The EGS7228P supports the iEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) not the CDP since the LLDP is a vendor-neutral link layer protocol unlike CDP which is proprietary.
  12. Topic 1: Powering an 802.3af device through the PoE output port of the EWS860AP access point. Scenario: A user/installer would like to power an IP camera through the PoE output port of the EWS860AP access point. Answer: It is possible to power an 802.3af device through the PoE output port of the EWS860AP but the EWS860AP must be powered using the EPE-48GR proprietary PoE injector that comes with the EWS860AP.
  13. No its not a bug. The controller simply notifies the user/s to update the firmware of the Access points. To ensure a successful update, controller must be have a stable internet connection as it will get the firmware for the Access point directly from the EnGenius server. You can verify also the DNS address of the controller matches with the DNS address provided by the ISP.
  14. Topic: Cannot enable Rogue AP detection on EWS5912FP Scenario: Clicking on Rogue AP Detection on the Controller of the EWS5912FP will not scan or detect wireless signals. Fix: The Rogue AP Detection feature of the Neutron Controller requires Background Scanning (2.4GHz and 5GHz for Dual-band Neutron APs) to be enabled.
  15. Topic: What are the typical roaming problems? Scenario: Doctors uses iPad mini`s to view patient records and they are experiencing roaming issues. Answer: 1. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too high. - Wireless client roams between multiple AP`s, even though signal strength is stable. 2. Roaming aggressiveness of the wireless client is too low. - Wireless client is “sticky” to a particular AP, even though stronger AP is available. Solution: 1. Control the transmit power of each device. - Properly set the transmit power in reference to its location, physical obstructions or type of environment and wireless interference from neighbouring AP`s. - We recommend to set the transmit power initially to 14dBm on the 2.4GHz and 20dBm on the 5GHz then have an incremental of 3dBm if necessary. It is suggested to use an RSSI Tool to help identify the transmit power the AP needs. 2. Set a relative Fast Handover/ RSSI Threshold value. - Some wireless client devices retains connection to a weak signal even if there`s a stronger one available. - Set the RSSI Threshold/ Fast Handover value to -80dBm. It will force the client device to disconnect from the AP thus allowing it to scan and connect to a stronger signal. Applicable devices: EWS360AP, EWS350AP, EWS320AP, EWS310AP, EWS510AP, ECB1750, ECB1200, EAP1750H, and EAP1200H.
  16. Scenario: ENH202 is set up as client bridge on a boat and would like to connect to the unsecured marina AP. The ENH202 would associate to the marina AP but would not allow internet to pass through. When connecting to the marina AP using a laptop, a sign in to a splash page will pop up to agree with terms and conditions to get internet connection. Fix: The ENH202 cannot log-in or sign in to a splash page. The CB cannot translate splash pages or captive portals.
  17. Scenario: EAP600s are both hardwired to a PoE switch. All the lights are “ON” on one of the EAP600’s and all lights are “OFF” for the other one. But even turning “OFF” the EAP600 that has all of its lights “ON” computer is still online wirelessly. Fix: Access the WEB UI of the EAP600 and check the settings for LED Control. Setting them to “ON” will turn on the LED indicators.
  18. Question: Want to make sure that the ENH500 cannot be accessed via Telnet? Answer: The ENH500 does not support CLI on firmware version 1.1.11. On firmware version 1.3.5 and version which are available on our website, www.engeniustech.com, CLI support has been added. The CLI feature can be enabled or disabled by going to the CLI Settings found in the ENH500 graphical user interface (GUI).
  19. This is one of the changes on firmware version If you would want to change the wireless channel and such for the 5GHz radio, make sure the green box is not checked. Click the configuration and apply the channel that you would like to use on either radio bands. To ensure the setting has saved after click the save button, click the changes button and apply. Once the AP has rebooted, go to Device Status to check if your settings has successfully saved.
  20. See link below: http://www.qsl.net/co8tw/Coax_Calculator.htm This tool will tell you specific Attenuation (Loss) in dB. Mostly used antenna cable for Durafon System is LMR400. Hope this suffices your requirement.
  21. Scenario: The SSID and encryption have been changed on EAP300v2 but after saving and rebooting the EAP300v2, the new SSID and its security will not appear. Fix: The EAP300v2 may have come with firmware version 1.5.1 out of the box or was upgraded to version 1.5.1. The AP firmware must be upgraded to firmware version 1.5.2 to fix the bug.
  22. laireV

    Sector Antenna

    You can use the original antennas that came with the ENH710EXT for the 5GHz radio if you only want to upgrade the 2.4GHz antennas. Note that the ENH710EXT does not have built-in antennas. It comes with 4 detachable antennas.
  23. Scenario: The user/installer has an EAP350 and he would like to check if it is on the latest firmware. However, he does not know if it is an EAP350v1 or an EAP350v2. The customer no longer has the original box of his EAP350. Fix: A way to check if the EAP350 is a v1 or a v2 is to take a look at the sticker found at the back side of the access point. The EAP350v1 will have “US11X” on the sticker while the EAP350v2 will have “US00Z”.
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