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  1. PROBLEM - ENS202 Access point and ENS202 Client router will not connect. 100' away, direct line of site, no obstructions. was working for 6 months, units are 6 months old. Suddenly dropped my connection. can see the SSID I've created but connection status is "DOWN" when trying to connect ( was able to re-establish connection once but kicked again when i made a DMZ change ) SETUP - AP has 1 SSID configured, WPA2-PSK AES security, Channel HT mode 20MHz only, non-overlapping channel 11 used, TX power set to 20dBm, IP setting configured to DHCP. CR also configured to DHCP ATTEMPTS TO FIX - multiple power cycles, reset both units to factory specs and reconfigured SSID, swapped units to play the opposite roles AP to CR and CR to AP, adjusted most of the settings in both AP and CR trying to find a workable combination, THE INTERESTING PART - can find and connect to the AP SSID with laptop, iphone, ipad, etc and browse the internet..... can find and connect the CR to open wi-fi hotspots in my area and browse the internet. both units are working as designed but will not connect to each other. HELP! - ask any questions......
  2. This ABSOLUTELY worked! - thank you very much - it's been working flawlessly every since the changes were made.
  3. I have an ENS202 ( actually 2 of them for creating a connection across a span that I cannot run cable ) it keeps shutting down the AP Wi-Fi I create, works for a bit but once I start using it heavily the SSID I made drops from all devices that could discover it, phone, tablet, any Wi-Fi device. since I have 2 of the same units I swapped them out but the results are the same. Now once I reboot it manually by unplugging the POE cable for a few it will work fine till I put any serious traffic on it. - I'm thinking that maybe my POE cable could be pushing the length limit? its 50ft ( 16 meters ) the power light is still active but the network is gone. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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