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  1. Yes. The following are the EnGenius Wireless Camera: 2.4GHz EDS5255 EDS5115 EDS8022 EDS8012 EDS6255 EDS6115 5GHz EDS8025 EDS8015 I am not sure if the cameras are already out in the market.
  2. Here is the situation, 2 base stations and 2 handsets 1 old handset and old base station - caller ID works when connected to a "POTS" line or via PBX System. 1 new handset and new base station - caller ID does not work properly when connected to a "POTS" line or via PBX System. old base station with old and new handsets - caller ID works when connected to a "POTS" line or via PBX System. new base station with old and new handsets - caller ID does not work properly when connected to a "POTS" line or via PBX System. Using the new base station, caller ID works 1 out of 10 calls. - check the software version of the new and old base station new handsset and new base station 902 SPK version2 HS MCU 3.08 BS MCU 1.04 old handsset and old base station SN-902 SPK HS MCU: 1.05 BS MCU 1.05 Any ideas why?
  3. Customers are asking where to buy the antenna since their antenna broke.
  4. Is this a bug? Customer's are complaining when I tell them to upgrade the firmware of the Access Point manually. Customer will say that internet is working on the network.
  5. It will be very inconvenient to do a factory reset every time you upgrade the firmware.
  6. Hi @Daniel Koczwara I'm also curious about the wireless link speed at that distance. What was the speed that you got?
  7. I believe, if the PoE Adapter(EPA5006GP) comes bundled in a kit, the warranty is 90 days and if purchase separately, warranty is 1 year.
  8. I believe that feature can be found from a different manufacturer like Cisco. I remember that one of the customer was looking for that feature.
  9. have you tried powering the EnStationAC using an 802.3 at PoE switch or Injector?
  10. i agree with @Lee10114 EnGenius should make business routers so that when customers are looking for business routers, we can recommend out own business router...
  11. CS13


    Then do not connect the device to the internet via WiFi or Data.
  12. CS13


    The device that you register on the router should have internet connection. If it doesn't have internet connection, the router(EnRoute) will not be able to detect the device.
  13. CS13


    You need to register the device into the router.
  14. CS13


    The EnRoute app allows administrators to keep track of the location of business colleagues or family members who belong to a registered account on a device such as a smartphone or tablet. Features such as GPS tracking, location sharing, and parental controls allows for easier management of devices and users. Never lose track of friends or family again. Available as free downloads for iOS and Android
  15. Excelllent idea. I agree that it will be very helpful if the hardware version in indicated on the web GUI of the Access Point/Client Bridge. It will be very inconvenient for the users to use a ladder or a lift. just my two cents....
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