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  1. Hi, I have one Engenius system setup at one hotel at seaside. Actually it's not a hotel, but there are houses with 3-4 floors each. I've installed primary EWS310AP and EWS300AP. 310 is the model which I have most. I have done it alone with measuring wifi power alone. 5GHz coverage is low unfortunately, there is much concrete there and it's absolutely ridiculous to rely on it. So Ive made setup with Band Steering option. In Monday I have removed this option and after that was a scandal So I turn it on back. 2.4GHz coverage is OK, band steering is setup on "Prefer 5GHz" with 5GHz RSSI -75dBm . Im CCNA , but kinda have to understand some things about WiFi. First - how much dbm means Medium power? Resseller sold me EGS2108P which I don't know for what reason you can't draw enough power to power at High/Highest. Actually when you're with smartphone and don't download aggressively with 80Mbps which is the limit of our ISP you rarely have problems. And offcourse the problem is that AP reboots. Every floor has 2 apartments except for the last floor. There my colleagues have pulled only 1 LAN cable which is used for telephone also. I'm forced to have there EWS500AP which are the cheapest option. Money offcourse are biggest problem. I'm installing EWS500AP there using only 4 wires - orange and green for example. They're only on 2.4GHz, which won't be a problem with this band steering. Second - I have to cover outside area and somehow make it part of this Neutron system. I had Ubiquity Nanostaion M2 there and there weren't problems , But since I've setup Engenius system with password problems. I have replaced it with EWS660AP, but it's omni directional and kinda doesn't work so good, but it covers large enough area. I've tried with ENH 202 to make it with thhe same settings but roaming doesn't work. I can't roam from engenius system to ENH202 standalone.
  2. Hi, I wanna setup bridge between Ubiquity Nanostation M2 and Engenius wifi system. I have 2 routers which I can get signal - ENH202 (not connected to neutron) and EWS660AP which is closer. Ubiquity will be used as extender/ WDS bridge mode. Will it be possible because they're from different brands? I have one location at seaside and I need to setup fiscal printer with lan. Can you offer me another Engenius device - for example from ENH, ENS Series which I can connect to my WiFi system as extenders. I need them to be some kind more compact? Thank you.
  3. Hi, I need to install couple outdoor antennas in complex with houses and pool area. 5 houses are arranged around the pool and they all look directly to sea. One side of the pool is actually which is rectangular don't have houses attached to it. So, the restaurant and one house are placed opposite to each other and are the shorter sides of the rectangular pool. At the last floor of the restaurant they've installed Ubiquity Nanostation M2 and because it's directional it reaches the opposite house at -73dBm measuring with Samsung Galaxy. Offcourse signal variates, but it covers the pther 3 houses. Btw, distance between restaurant and the opposite house is about 40 meters. In the houses I'm installing EWS310AP and EWS300AP with Neutron controller. Local distributor/seller said it's good idea to install 2 EWS660AP on the houses which are on the shorter sides of the pool (opposite houses), but I'm currently thinking can I use ENH202 and integrate it with Neutron solution currently installed? Is it possible? Thank you.
  4. Hi, I've installed your products in one hotel and I'm satisfied. AP are EWS310AP. Peak power consumption is 15.6W and switches I'm currently using for powering them are EGS2108P. They're all brought to Medium power state except for couple which are on AC adapter directly, because I don't have option for powering them from PoE. So how much dBms will Medium option mean? Switches are said to be 15.4W peak power per port. 2nd question is coverage of EWS660AP - I mean radius, because it will be mounted on house in front of pool area? Pool area is about 40meters long. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I've bought for my company Engenius controller and AP. And I'm currently trying to lower the interference between AP's in the AP group and the external routers/AP - Rogue AP. So I'm currently trying ot figure out what actually RSSI in detector means? Is it the power of the external router/AP? Thank you.

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