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  1. In response to the problems caused by the firmware blunder, I have put a saved config file which corrects the display issue, along with instructions, here: http://jpelectron.com/sample/Info%20and%20Documents/EAP1300%20firmware/ Hopefully this is helpful to others too. This does not change the fact that wireless mode selections are grayed out.
  2. Latest "official" version can be found here: https://www.engeniustech.com/eap1300-firmware.html The part 2 file is named: eap1300-all-v3.5.2.6_c1.9.04.bin which the resulting firmware displayed after you load it is: v3.5.2_c1.9.04 What's unfortunate is I just received a EAP1300 new from the factory, it had firmware v3.3.1 already on it, and it says "Dual Radio Wall Plate AP" A co-worker purchased a EAP1250 for his home, that one also came from the factory with v3.3.1 already on it, and it says "Dual Radio Wall Plate AP" too. So it would seem there is a mess-up somewhere. Worse yet, the reset button on the EAP1300 seems to do absolutely nothing now, as after holding for 30 seconds during power-up, or when already on, nothing happens. This is for units on firmware v3.5.2_c1.9.04 Any of my attempts to downgrade to an earlier version end up saying the file is of the wrong type and won't load. It's sad that the quality control is no longer present in EnGenius devices.
  3. In the web-based GUI of the EAP1300 the client limit defaults to 127 per radio (that's 127 for 2.4Ghz and 127 for 5Ghz) so I guess that's the manufacture suggested limit. But in the real world, you'd never want to get near that many associations per AP anyway. I do wonder how hot it would get and what the performance would be if I could ever get 127 clients on one radio. Your wireless system design should incorporate more APs so that never happens.
  4. It's time to move on from the EAP1750 series - they are end of life - in the later firmware's the channel settings never would "stick" and they would drift to other channels than what you wanted. The ones I haven't had die (due to cooking themselves to death) I've proactively replaced. Nothing lasts forever.
  5. Yes, the same thing happened to one of mine. Kind of annoying this isn't quality checked better. Today I noticed there is a new firmware available: v3.5.2_c1.9.04 Again it's a multi-part process if your firmware is not already 3.0.1 or later 1) upgrade to v3.0.1 (that's part 1) 2) reset to defaults (yeah, I know, but you really really should) 3) connect back at the IP that the AP gets from DHCP (it may try to direct your browser back to, but that won't work if it finds a DHCP server on your LAN) 4) upgrade to v3.5.2 (that's part 2) 5) connect back at the IP that the AP gets from DHCP 6) re-configure everything (hey, now's a good time to change that WPA2 password you've been using for too long) Since you're already on v3.3.1 you won't be able to do step 1) above - that's OK, proceed to step 2) After you do all that, the AP will still say "Dual Radio Wall Plate AP" because there is a config file in there that incorrectly states this, I highly suspect it got introduced in the v3.3.1 upgrade. The way I got it back to normal "Indoor AP" was export the config from a fresh/new EAP1300 that went right from factory to ---> v3.5.2_c1.9.04 and then import that file into your EAP1300 - after the next boot, it will correctly say "Indoor AP" again. Then, configure everything again. Apparently attention to detail isn't high up in the priorities of the firmware guy/team.
  6. Any idea when we're going to get a newer firmware for the EAP1750 series where setting the channel actually sets the channel, instead of always reverting to "auto" and randomly changing the channel?
  7. Yes, "auto" unfortunately means pick any channel it thinks it's free, even the "substandard" 7 9 3 etc. Also, if your using the latest firmware, then even if you set the channel, it will still "auto" switch to what it thinks is "clear" because the firmware is broken!!!
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