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  1. How do you determine the IP of the camera after it picks up on the wifi for future maintenance and monitoring?
  2. I see the SD card option in the Engenius App
  3. I have noticed that my cameras are not always recording/broadcasting. They only seem to do it when there is motion. This sometimes causes an issue when trying to access them through the Engenuis App. The lightning bolt will be gray and not allow connection unless there is motion. I have two EnGenius EDS5255.
  4. Most cameras today offer a cloud based storage option. What is the best way to obtain 7 days of playback from anywhere? I do not want to use a separate gateway, router, and an external hard drive. That is a lot of effort, when so many other products on the market make it easier. I am using Engenius EDS5255 cameras.It also shows an SD card option, but there is no place for an SD card on this model.
  5. I bought two EnGenius EDS5255 cameras. I have been unable to add them my wifi. Each camera is currently plugged into a gigabit switch and has a valid DHCP IP address. I can go to Google Chrome, type in the IP address, and configure the cameras. However, when I attempt to apply the AP profile created in the GUI, it says rebooting and has a countdown from 15. After the reboot of the camera it boots back to the original screen and says disconnected from wifi. The wifi password and SSID information is correct. How do I connect these wireless cameras to a wireless network? I also attempted through the Engenius APP and the QR codes, but adding the cameras to wifi through the EnGenius app on the iPhone is not a valid option. I am hoping to buy 5 more of these cameras to include an AP bridge, but if I cannot get these two connected to the wireless, I am going to return them. I have tried to call technical support and hung up after 80 minutes on hold yesterday. is there a different 1-800 number?
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