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  1. Is the SSID in question hidden or being broadcast?And do you have with client, VLAN or L2 isolation enabled (I have a mix across multiple SSID. I've had similar problems with my hidden SSID's disappearing (like you I have 3 separate SSID, running separate VLANs for guest and specific applications), but I never managed to fix it - the scheduled reboot twice a week is my current workaround :-(
  2. The only option I can find it so see the connections and perform some basic speedtest / ping tests. Can't find anywhere to sample network packets etc beyond the info that is in the log
  3. Are you running band-steering? I have this exact same problem when running the 'prefer 5Ghz' option. I am guessing that the AP is rejecting the connection to the radio while it figures out which band to steer it to based on signal strength - it seems to work find on some clients (laptops etc) but mobile devices such as iPhones etc don't seem to handle this very well and like you it keeps asking for the password. Ironically I find it normally fails twice - the first time says password incorrect, immediately click connect again and it says cannot be joined and then click connect again and it works. Clearly something going on with the prefer-5Ghz band steering option..
  4. What version of the firmware are you running? I had no end of bonjour related issues with early releases, but the latest v2.0.361 seems to have resolved them on my EAP1750H
  5. Out of curiosity are you using the 'force 5Ghz' or 'prefer 5Ghz' - I'm running with 'prefer' and I'm seeing similar problems with disconnects, but also a long time to 'reconnect' (for example returning back home with an iPhone/iPad takes ~30 secs to establish the connection with a known SSID).
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