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  1. It's not the EWS320. You send me the links from EWS360AP
  2. We have 8 EWS320AP, but i can't find any update or information regarding this AP. Can anyone tell you what the status of this product is?
  3. Mike, I know... This happened after I had updated the AP firmware via the Controller. But I have solved the issue by resetting the AP's to factory default and add them back to the AP group on the controller. The mesh led is now off.
  4. Indeed, Disable the scheduled task (if this disable the AP's at specified time). We had the same problem. Unfortunately i have never received the answer from Engenius support, which is very poor. But the products are very good.
  5. EWS360AP After updating to v3.3.37 i can not disable the mesh led on my access-points. We have disabled all leds, but now the mesh led is on. How to disable this?
  6. We had the same issue. I have disabled the schedule task enable disable AP's. And there is an new firmware update v3.2.14.120
  7. Hello, We have 10 EWS320AP and one EWS7928P Switch/Controller. Firmware: v2.0.392-c1.8.14 We have some issues with our Captive/Guest network. While the quest user is connected through the captive portal login page and he/she will move from one location to another the client connection is immediately disconnected. The guest users must login again. This happens also if the guest users device in stand-by mode or has no connection for 5 minutes. For this issue i have disabled the Idle and Session timeout, but still no success. How can i fix this while maintaining the current Captive setup?
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