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  1. Hello. I need to change the passphrase on our EAP300's. We have of them. I go into each AP, select Wireless Network, find my SSID and click edit. The SSID pop-up window comes up and I change the passphrase to my new 8 digit phrase, click save, then click Accept on the previous window. I then rebooted the AP. I did this to all 4 of them and when I go back into the AP's the passphrase is back to the old one. What am I missing?
  2. I know that it is not proper posting to add another question, but I was wonder if either of you two (TMac or Alijalai) what this message means on the Wireless Network Settings Tab. I have checked and I do not see where I can adjust these setting to remove the error. I was getting this on all of the AP's even before the upgrade. The problem I am having is that after a period of somewhat heavy usage my entire wireless network stops transmitting and I lose internet connectivity. All I have to do is to reboot one of the AP's and all four of the them come back on-line and work fine. This happens infrequently with no apparent common thread except maybe around times of heavy usage. Any suggestion woull be greatly appreciated. 802.11 B/G/N Mixed802.11 N Only802.11 B/G Mixed802.11 G Only802.11 B Only CAUTION: 802.11 N , Unsupported WEP security mode and TKIP encryption.
  3. Alijalali, Thank you for your help. I got pulled away from this project onto a number of other projects, but I was able to download the v1.7.22 firmware today and I just finished upgraded all of my AP's. Thank again for your help. Tony
  4. Alijalali, When menu do you want the screen shot of? Tony
  5. Hello TMac, I went to the link and downloaded v1.4.4 as you instructed. I still get the message - "Firmware upgrade is failed for unexpected reasons. Please make sure your firmware is valid." I rebooted the EAP300 and tried again - same results. Any suggestions? Tony
  6. TMac, The version # on all of them is 1.3.3. Tony
  7. Hello TMac, Thanks for your response. I was hoping not to have to do it this way seeing as all of my access points are mounted on ceilings that are 24 ' high.... but if this is the only way then .... up I go...
  8. I am trying to get the latest firmware for the EAP300 and I cannot seem to locate it on the main website. I e-mail support and I was directed to the website. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
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