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  1. dropframe

    ECB9500 as AP router

    I have an ECB9500 that I want to use as my wireless router. I have a ARRIS SB6183 cable modem that is providing internet on it's ethernet port. (I connected it to my computer to verify it has internet on the ethernet cable) How do I configure the 9500 to work as my wireless router? I can't get it to work. Rather than tell you all the incorrect ways I have tried to make it work, I am ready to start with a clean slate and do it properly.Please advise.
  2. dropframe

    ECB3500 Firmware

    So as soon as I release the reset button, immediately power off for 10 seconds, correct?
  3. dropframe

    ECB3500 Firmware

    I have tried rebooting via software and rebooting via hardware reset switch. I normally use Chrome as my browser but have tried using Edge and Internet Explorer. None of these allows me to update firmware. The "Update Firmware" page shows up as a completely white frame on all three browsers. At some point in the past this page worked with Chrome. It is interesting to note that recently when using Chrome it will not allow access to the "wireless Network" page when in repeater mode (but will if in Access Point mode.) Previously this worked correctly with Chrome. Edge and Internet Explorer browsers work properly in Repeater mode (allows access to "Wireless Network" page). With Chrome, this frame shows up as a small "sad' icon.
  4. dropframe

    ECB3500 Firmware

    My ECB3500 has started to act oddly. One of the odd problems it has is that the page to update the firmware is totally blank. Thus I can not load any firmware into it. Does anyone know if the latest EnGenius firmware can be loaded into my unit by other means such as Telnet?

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