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  1. Amen Jeroen! I assure you that you will be much happier. Since my last posting we have added some AC-HD's to the mix and they are amazing, so much better then any product EnGenius ever put out and the best part...STABILITY! A word that EnGenius knows nothing about. Good luck with Ubiquiti, I think you will be very happy you made the switch.
  2. Just wait till you have to reboot or give it some time with different devices...Try some Apple Devices like an iPad or iPhone.....There are most definitely still issues with .361...I saw them first hand with over 30 - EAP1750's. (AND YES WE SET DEFAULTS) This is the only troubleshooting that EnGenius can tell you to do....."Have you set defaults on it?"
  3. One other quick thing to note....as you can see here we are almost a year after this thread started and NOBODY from EnGenius has even attempted to address any of the issues with the .361 firmware....yet their are tons of people posting the exact same connectivity issues....instead you are forced to roll back to a firmware that several revs old just to get something that even resembles any sort of stability...(206 was a joke as well)
  4. Good luck Jeron, posting on the forum or calling EnGenius is pretty well worthless. I never did hear anything back from anyone with EnGenius here on the forum or even by calling and creating a trouble ticket. EnGenius's support or I should say lack there of is embarrassing. We had over 70+ of their AP's that we were using in different areas and I just pulled the last one out over the weekend. TRASH! They are so far behind in the wireless game that it's not funny. I guess I never realized it before I was forced to go out and look at other solutions.....the sad part is I really liked EnGenius for a number of years but they chose to sit on their laurels rather then innovate and they have now been left in the dust. We have finished switching everything to Ubiquiti AC-PRO's....SO MUCH BETTER! Seriously, there is not even a comparison. I guess I should have listened more when I originally bought the AC1750's and numerous people told me to go with something else. The configuration, software, build quality, everything is so much better with the Ubiquiti. The even funnier part is I went to look and see if EnGenius ever fixed problem I was having that started this whole thread and the firmware they have posted is still have the same .361 firmware....SERIOUSLY?!?! Here we are almost a year later and they have yet to release a new firmware....We spent a fair amount on their "top of the line" at the time AP's and their support for it was horrible...having said that though....their support for most of their AP's is not much better. In comparing with just Ubiquiti, they constantly add new features and if you do have problems their support is on top of it and works with you to find solutions or even add features. I can't say enough good about them. All I have to say is save yourself the headaches Jeron and ditch the EnGenius as fast as you can. Better yet just do a few searches on-line and see what others have to say in comparing Ubiquiti and EnGenius. We ripped out all of our EnGenius switches, AP's etc. and haven't looked back. Our wireless stability is so much better that it's not even funny....no longer do I have to schedule reboots etc. Good luck with the problems you are having as I truly hope you can get them resolved but I wouldn't hold your breath that EnGenius is going to do anything about it. Very SAD in my opinion.
  5. I have done a fair amount more testing on this over the past few days and there most definitely is a bug in the .361 firmware. I have tested this on approx. 10 different EAP1750H AP's and a few of them are the newer hardware revision. All of them experience the same connection issues when running .361. Those issues all disappear when the AP's are rolled back to .194. You might be asking why I roll all the way back to .194....Well the frustrating thing about this is it seems like the last several firmware releases for this model have been buggy. Both 214 and 293 seemed to have channel issues where the channels set would not stay put.after a reset/reboot as well as several other issues. I would think that by now we would not be dealing with this type of thing on a piece of hardware that is well over a year old and supposedly one of the "flagship" EnGenius products. I'm starting to feel as though we are beta testing these firmware releases. I also find it comical that when calling support they right away want to blame it on "Did you set defaults and reconfigure the AP after the new firmware upgrade?" In this day and age I am floored that we have to reset the device to defaults after every firmware upgrade just to make it "function" and if you don't you get no help as support constatntly blames the issues on this fact. Why is it that every other manufacturer on the planet doesn't seem to require this when upgrading their firmware. Even the cheapest Linksys or TP-Link device out there does not require that you set defaults in order for it to function correctly after a firmware update. I understand that every great once in a while maybe something goes wrong and a reset to defaults is needed but it should not be required after every firmware udate. OK, back off my soap box.....I am happy that EnGenius is trying to add new features etc. to the AP's but I guess the big issue here is what can be done to fix this? Are there any EnGenius AP engineers that visit this forum? Do they have any suggesstions? Again, I am open to anything anyone can offer.
  6. Yes, I did. I have done it several times thinking maybe I missed something. Funny thing is, I can roll the AP's back to .194 and the devices will again connect instantly. The is definitely something not quite right with the new firmware. I also tested with the new features on and off and no difference.
  7. I recently updated a large number of EAP1750's from .194 to the latest .361. Prior to the update everything was rock solid and we had no issues. Since updating to the new firmware we have had several complaints from people where devices seem to take much longer to connect to the AP's now. I.E. as an example it seems that Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad seem to take significantly longer to connect to the AP's then on the on previous firmware. I have also verified this by rolling firmware back. They do eventually connect but as stated seem to take much longer to do so. We have also seen this on some Axis wireless cameras as well as a wireless thermostat in the office. Does this possibly have something to do with the new settings that are now showing up on the new firmware such as the band steering breakdown which now lets you choose several options vs. just on or off as before. Are there recommend settings for this as far as RSSI, prefer etc. I also noticed they have added the RSSI settings for both the 2.4 and 5GHz. Are there recommended settings here as well? I have the channels hard set to 1 and 36 and 11 and 157. I am using an office that currently has 2 of these AP's installed as a test bed before I roll this back out to the other AP's. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
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