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  1. 邏輯分析儀入門.pdf
  2. #####Server iperf -s -i 1 -u -w 3M #####Client iperf -c -i 1 -t 3600 -w 3M -u -b 300M -P 4 -l 24000 2. Setup channel, bandwidth, mode(ac or n or legacy). 5G: uci set wireless.wifi0.hwmode=11ac (11na, 11ac) //iwconfig uci set wireless.wifi0.htmode=HT20 (HT40+, HT40-, HT20, auto) uci set wireless.wifi0.channel=36 uci set wireless.wifi0.txchainmask=15 uci set wireless.wifi0.rxchainmask=15 uci commit wifi 2.4G uci set wireless.wifi1.hwmode=11ng (11bg) uci set wireless.wifi1.htmode=HT40+ (HT40-, HT20, and auto) uci set wireless.wifi1.channel=1 uci set wireless.wifi1.txchainmask=15 uci set wireless.wifi1.rxchainmask=15 uci commit wifi # Below setting, wifi0 and ath0 are for 5G, wifi1 and ath1 are for 2.4G 3. on/off BF (5G) on: iwpriv ath0 vhtsubfer 1 // iwpriv ath0 get_vhtsubfer iwpriv ath0 vhtmubfer 1 off: iwpriv ath0 vhtsubfer 0 iwpriv ath0 vhtmubfer 0 on/off BF (2.4G) on: iwpriv ath1 vhtsubfer 1 // iwpriv ath1 get_vhtsubfer iwpriv ath1 vhtmubfer 1 off: iwpriv ath1 vhtsubfer 1 iwpriv ath1 vhtmubfer 1 4. fix rate: ac: iwpriv ath0 nss 1 //X is 1~4 iwpriv ath0 vhtmcs 0 //X is 0~9 none ac: (MCS0 ~ MCS7 / 0x80 ~ 0x87) (MCS8 ~ MCS15 / 0x90 ~ 0x97)(MCS16 ~ MCS23 / 0xa0 ~ 0xa7)(MCS24 ~ MCS31 / 0xb0 ~ 0xb7) iwpriv ath1 set11NRates 0x80808080 (1 byte for 1 antenna) 5. fix power: 5G: iwconfig ath0 txpower 20dbm 2.4G: iwconfig ath1 txpower 20dbm
  3. RF_System_Formulas.pdf
  4. Leon.Su

    Talon AD7200

    It look so cool http://www.techbang.com/posts/43850-new-generation-80211ad-attack-tp-link-talon-ad7200-tri-band-wireless-router-measured-the-first-specification-for-80211ad-wireless-router
  5. Case using TRIZ to analyze and improve products TRIZ運用在改良LED之實例.pdf
  6. Sharing the basic principles of EMC prevention PCB Design for EMC.pdf
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