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    I think the question is that you need to open the EnRoute period such that it can get the track on you. Or you do not need to open the EnRoute and it can get the track on you.
  2. Sure. You could log-in EnShare by UID such that you could access the content of the hard disk when you are outside the network.
  3. Base on the video, I think it might be WPS-like technique or broadcast some special packet for mobile devices.
  4. There is no encryption when the user connects to the USB hard disk drive via EnShare...
  5. This is cool. Just tap the KeeWiFi and the connection setup is done.
  6. Now the LED can be used to transfer date and the speed is 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi. http://www.techworld.com/big-data/what-is-li-fi-everything-you-need-know-3632764/
  7. Enable/Disable wireless via button is convenient to us such that we do not need to do this via PC/NB.
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