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  1. Vitamin A: Supplements containing vitamin A are very common due to the many helpful benefits it offers to the body. Also, vitamin A offers the advantage of producing a healthy shine, ease in styling, strength and great flexibility to the hair. Vitamin A is known to help Follicle RX with regulating the sebaceous glands and that is desirable for the wellbeing of the hair. Vitamin C and E: Several vitamins are available to help with promoting the overall strength of the hair and these generally include vitamins C and E as well as saw palmetto, which are found to help regulate cell growth and increase the strength of the immune system. All of these are helpful for the general vigor of the hair. Vitamin C is also found to help with increasing the immune system. Also, certain B-complex supplements are beneficial for helping to keep the shaft and follicle healthy and strong. https://goldencondor.org/follicle-rx
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