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  1. Sofia, I cannot find any settings to support the feature you mentioned. In my opinion, the strict force may result in more trouble because wireless clients can behave very different.
  2. This is the first time I heard about this limitation. Does EnGenius get any plan to support bandsteering for multiple SSID?
  3. Digital PT sucks in many cases. I'm also curious if EnGenius has any plan on doing physical PTZ camera.
  4. Third party captive portal works well in my case. I only need the RADIUS server configurable in AP. For me, I got concerns on the "guest network". It looks like current captive portal service (in EZMaster) is bound with NAT of guest network. It will induce limitation (like roaming) for me.
  5. 1. 2.4G has much larger coverage than 5G (with the same Tx power value). You have to ensure that your dual band device is inside 5g coverage. 2. bandsteering technology won't really "force" a client device to 5G when it is already connecting with 2.4G. The "steering" takes effect only when a client trying to reassociate with wifi (like reconnect). 3. As I known (like Aruba?), the difference between "perfer" and "force" is: "prefer" will still allow the dualband client to associate with "not preferred" band (eg, 2.4G) if the client insists to associate with the band; "force" will only allow the client to associate with dedicated band even it is dualband capable.
  6. If 40 means ht40, I think it's not a bad idea to set ht40 in default for Neutron product line. (I just checked my Neutron device (EWS320), default value is still in ht80?) In my deployment (NY), ht80 never works well. 5G channels are not clean any more. If your concern is on "not show best capability as default value", well, I don't think that's an issue. For someone who really care about bandwidth settings, he will always check the details available in this option.
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