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  1. Yeah, so why don't they cancel the highway speed limit for Ferrari?
  2. Looks like someone is not here for discussion. I vote HT40. I got EWS360 for K12 market.
  3. How many station will be supported in EnGenius TDMA? In my case, I'll need at least 3 stations (with IPcam downstream) peering with AP.
  4. I'd like to try cloud version too. VM version is not easy for some of my customers. Let me know if I can be a alpha tester
  5. Any Neutron AP supports MU-MIMO? Just wonder if it worth in "real" deployment.
  6. I'd like to know more about the scenario, scale, and controller settings in this case study. Any one can share?
  7. Mike's description is different from what I saw in Which one is correct?
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