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  1. Hi everybody. I'm having a problem with my iOS device (iPhone) connecting to the EnGenius AP device, and I need a help. The problem is: My iPhone device is intermitted network connection. When the screen is on, the connection is normal. But when the screen is off, it will lose connection, also don't display the wifi icon until the screen opens. So I can not get notification as message or email realtime when I turn off the screen. Does anyone have this problem? Please explain or help me. I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much!
  2. Dear, Anybody here??? Please help me! I also met the similar problem with wifi EnGenius devices: Iphones connected the network, but the connection is intermitten that: When my phone screen is on - Connection is normal. But when my phone screen is off - I was kicked out of network, can't connect the network, So I can't receive any message, mail, information, etc. while my screen OFF. (My phone does not show wifi icon until screen ON) Additional, Android devices have normal connection. So Someone can tell me Why???? I'd be very grateful. Thank you so much!
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