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  1. Thanks Mike! More to come too.
  2. AP MeshCam is a multimode device and can be configured in many applications. Each of the below network applications has it's own key benefit.
  3. I would suggest setting up static IP addresses on both the ENS and ENH devices. You may even want to set both units up in WDS Bridge mode, but if everything is working then leave it as is.
  4. Hi Tomowa! Thanks for viewing and please excuse my delay. I'll try to get some screen shots up for everyone. The remote device needs to be using the primary port, labeled "LAN(PoE)" for at minimum power. That port is the primary port and can be connected to either the PoE Injector that comes with the package OR to a PoE switch that is ultimately connected to the LAN/PC. Connecting the primary port on the remote end to your LAN is suggested method. The secondary port can be used to power and send data to an 802.3af compliant device like IP Camera/Access Point.
  5. EnGenius' products offer several modes. Access Point, Client Bridge and WDS Bridge modes are the most popular.
  6. General steps for setting up a point to point wireless connection. 1. Select “WDS Bridge Mode” 2. Set Same Security Encryption 3. Set Same Radio Channel 4. Add MAC Address of Opposite Unit 5. Set Static IP Address EnStationAC_BtB.MP4
  7. Add the ability to be a primary and secondary controller on the switches for redundancy would be a great feature as customers implement more and more of these switches in a single network
  8. Electron Series ezController and Neutron Series ezMaster Free Controller Software ezMaster_vs_ezController.pdf
  9. Electron Series EGS7228FP and Neutron Series EWS1200-28TFP Comparison EW1200-28TFP & EGS7228FP Compare.pdf
  10. Electron Series EGS7228P and Neutron Series EWS7928P Comparison EWS7928P & EGS7228P Compare.pdf
  11. Electron Series EGS7252FP and Neutron Series EWS7952FP Comparison EWS7952FP & EGS7252FP Compare.pdf
  12. Electron Series EGS7228FP and Neutron Series EWS7928FP Comparison EWS7928FP & EGS7228FP Compare.pdf
  13. Electron Series EGS5212FP and Neutron Series EWS5912FP Comparison EWS5912FP & EGS5212FP Compare.pdf
  14. Electron Series ECB600 in comparison to Neutron Series EWS310AP.
  15. Electron Series ECB350 in comparison to Neutron Series EWS300AP.
  16. Electron Series EAP1750H in comparison to Neutron Series EWS360AP.
  17. Electron Series EAP1200H in comparison to Neutron Series EWS350AP.
  18. Electron Series EAP600 in comparison to Neutron Series EWS310AP
  19. Electron Series EAP300 & EAP350 comparison to Neutron Series EWS300AP
  20. We run into this situation all of the time. Our customers typically use two EnStation2, EnStation5 or EnStationAC in WDS Bridge Mode on both units. It's very easy to configure and cost effective. Please see one or our customer's experiences, "I have EnGenius EnStationAC Kit. These work amazing and speeds are as good as advertised. I am constantly getting about 800 Mbps throughput at a distance of about 400 feet outdoors. The ability to swivel these to point them in a specific direction is very handy."
  21. A mobile APP that allows Administrators to manage, monitor, configure, & troubleshoot their Neutron network.
  22. Slayman

    Bridging Kits

    Can these devices be preconfigured so out of the box they will wirelessly connect? If customers want to modify the IP's, channels, output power, etc they can do so.
  23. We always recommend wiring to the AP rather than using WDS. As mentioned above bandwidth is cut in half for ever hop you make. Confirm your configs and IP addresses.
  24. Slayman

    AP Camera

    In MESH mode are you losing 50% bandwidth or are you losing one of the bands due to backhauling to another unit?
  25. I would like to see us implement the ability to modify the names of devices in topology view. Specifically the non-EnGenius devices. This would allow administrators to name devices by location, vendor, IP Address or Mac address. We can then go to our customers and tell them about this feature and explain that now we are giving them greater visibility to our devices and other vendor devices.
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