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  1. I would really appreciate a response from a support team member. This is a work stoppage for me. Thank you
  2. I've followed the installation instructions (steps 1 - 5) for a standalone firmware update. I completed ALL steps. https://www.engeniustech.com/ens500-ac-firmware.html I updated ENS500AC_middle_FW.bin firmware. Then I logged back in with my authentication credentials. Then I updated ens500ac-all-v3.5.0.5_c1.9.20.bin firmware. Now I am no longer able to log in! The last step (step 5): FW Update Complete! Please Close Tab to continue C.1.9 Installation Have You Installed Part 2? I close the tab. Nothing happens! Is there anything else to be done? Please advise!
  3. My bad... I got the the routers reversed. The problematic one is the one directly connected to my wireless router.
  4. I run two ENS500-AC in WDS Bridge Mode. When I am logged into the ENS500-AC that's connected directly to my wireless router I am able to ping the router using the built-in ping tool from the ENS500-AC. But I am not able to ping my router using the same tool from the second ENS500-AC that's not directly connected to the wireless router nor am I able to ping any other IP addresses on my LAN or WAN. I am able to ping both ENS500-ACs from my laptop on the same LAN. The bridge also seem to work, since I have connectivity on the other end of the second ENS500-AC.
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