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  1. So, i bought 3 enh1750ext's. The box says to reset them with the POE Injector....epe-48gr.......the problem is that all 3, I REPEAT, ALL 3, of the brand new enh1750ext's came with a different POE Injector than stated on the box.......and guess what??? It does not have a reset button on it. The POE Injectors that came with the new 1750's are EPA5012GP. Now i'm stuck with one 1750 that needs a factory reset and i can't connect to the GUI to reset it and it doesn't have a reset button on it.....oh yeah, and the EPA5012GP doesn't have a reset button either....now what the hell am i supposed to do??
  2. I have this exact same setup......They work fine in "Regular" AP/Bridge Mode with RSSI at -58dBm. When i switch them to WDS Bridge Mode they do not see each other......any suggestions.
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