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  1. I have an ENS202EXT running Firmware 1.6.3 and am failing at setting it up as a simple repeater for a plain jane Verizon home router (so many hours!) I have a customer whose wifi cannot quite reach the monitoring box for the solar array on their small farm. I like this unit because it is outdoor rated, it just doesn't work. Yet. Does anybody have a simple simple simple step by step set of instructions to do this? OK, I'll factory reset it again and go to bed now. thanks in advance.
  2. I tried this: Is this for an initial installation? If so, don't connect the Engenius device to the router/network. Connect the EnGenius device to the computer using an Ethernet cable for configuration. Set a static IP address like on the computer Ethernet NIC. You may also have to disable the wireless adapter on the computer. Oh, man I clearly have the wrong product (ENS202EXT). I just wanted a powerful outdoor wireless access point to set up a customer's remote solar array but I have wasted too many hours trying to get through the initial setup. Like the OP, I get the Verizon router page and setting a fixed IP to (and other addresses) has not changed anything.
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