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  1. If you do interested in this, you might be looking for a partner as well. If so, you might willing to take a look at hookup sites and find yourself a partner as well and try out your new medicine. I believe you gonna have a good time for sure. So, why don't you take a look at it.
  2. Sometimes old laptop's interface cannot connect with modern network interface. So, in the worst case scenario you need a new one. But you have to update your hardware eventually and it's really has to be done. If you need such, you might try for https://www.thelaptopguru.com to get some cheap and simple laptop. I did it and don't have any regrets.
  3. Sometimes it's not working like that and you should go for more easy options like Bamdcam. It's way easy to install and then just transform bandcamp to mp4 and be sure about your security. If anything happen you will be aware of it and you will have all the video evidence after all. And easy to install on your own.
  4. Just to make sure about what is going on here, you can check for login asus to see how you can configure it. There is an option that you can have all the statistic from your network usage but you have to have network administrator rights to see that. So, you have to search for an option to do that, i believe that network administration tools has that option
  5. For sure it's crucial to remain safe and secure while surfing web, like http://bestvpnrating.com
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