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  1. Got it : in (my) Firefox browser : History > Clear Recent History > select 'Cache' > click 'Clear Now' (the solution is also in thread :Wireless Settings not Displayed on an ECB1750)
  2. It is not only the 'Country/region' that I can change anymore... I cannot change the Transmit Power either : - When I uncheck the 'Green' checkboxes for Wireless - Operation mode (=Access Point) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and then lower the Transmit Power (default was Auto) by selecting a lower power in the dropdown boxes, a 'Save' has NO EFFECT : Change count remains at zero.
  3. - New out of the box my EAP1300EXT came with Firmware Revision 1.0 - Working with this initial Firmware revision 1.0, I changed (*) some of the settings to reflect my needs/situation, such as : (1) Wireless Country/Region : Belgium (was : Netherlands) (2) Wireless Security settings for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands (was : none) (3) Time Zone and NTP server - All these changes worked ok and were persistant (I know how to save and apply settings, as explained in https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/235486008-How-to-save-and-apply-settings-for-any-EAP-ECB-ENS-ENH-or-EnStation-access-point- ) (*) I use Firefox browser 60.0.1 (64-bit) to configure the device as Access Point, using the web-based configuration interface. - Then I found that (more up-to-date) firmware was available at https://www.engeniustech.com/eap1300ext-firmware.html; downoaded and installed the two .bin files (EAP1300EXT_Part_1.bin and EAP1300EXT_Part_2.bin). - This firmware update went ok and my EAP1300EXT has now Firmware revision 3.3.1-c1.8.59. - But with this 3.3.1 firmware installed, I CANNOT change the Wireless Country/Region any more (after the firmware update the Country/Region had reverted to 'Netherlands') - I can select another country (in my case : 'Belgium') in the Country/Region dropdown box and I get the usual warning dialog box with the message "Warning: Channels selected will be reverted to All. You should select channels you need again." but a click on the 'Save' button has NO EFFECT (Changes remains = 0) and the 'change' is not persistent : as soon as I browse from the 'Network - Wireless' page to - for example - the 'Network - Basic' page and then back to the 'Network - Wireless' page, the Country/Region setting has reverted to the original 'Netherlands' settingĀ°. - I tried different things : - Uncheck the 'Green' checkboxes for Wireless - Operation mode (= Access Point) for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. (It appears that this change of 'Green' setting is also not 'saved' and thus not persistent). - Reset : Reboot the device - Reset : Restore the device to default settings - power off - wait 10 secs - power on - None of this solved my problem. What can I do more to make a change of Country/Region setting work again ?

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