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  1. any help appropriated, Using EWS 5912 under switch > QoS> Bandwidth Control > port 4 set to ingress 32 and egress 16, than using cat 5 wire plugged into port 4 > speed test > I get full speed 90 down 25 up Is there another setting to active Bandwidth Control Thanks
  2. Neal da

    Replacement fan for EGS5110p not working.

    Just use small computer fan with plugin power supply attach it inside or outside
  3. yes, it will just connect to the internet So many people looked at this no one replied ???????????????
  4. Neal da

    Router ews 5912

    Its seems no one cares I have emailed tech support 3 weeks ago with no respond and on this Form there are lot of questions not answered
  5. Neal da

    Regarding EnGenius Dual Band Wireless AC1750

    It does not matter, static IP or DHCP, where you place your router matters, and signal strength
  6. Neal da

    Max concurrent sessions

    Add more access points and use both 2.4 and 5 Ghz
  7. Neal da

    Captive Portal multiple APs

    Use EWS5912 Controller >add AP's and create AP Groups edit > advance settings > Guest Network> enable Captive Portal, than change SSID name and apply security password
  8. Neal da

    back door or authentication broken?

    Yes tech support ??? try this start from the beginning
  9. Neal da

    Router ews 5912

    I have EWS 350ap setup with Router EWS 5912 for guest access used Captive Portal it works fine, if internet is interrupted or move ports can not access internet I have tried rebooting the ews5912 it works first time, but if internet is interrupted or move ports can not access internet. I get to login password than NO Captive portal NO splash page to accept the terms, so can not connect to internet I also have a non captive portal non guest internet SSID same access point that works So how do you get the Captive Portal working? Please help resolve problem Thanks in advance

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