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  1. I'm preparing a solution desctiption for a SI. The main aim of this solution - is to provide fast roaming for IP-telephony system. The question of SI is: does Neutron solution support LDAP to provide a database of users from MS servers?
  2. All EnGenius switches are non-stackable
  3. Yes, and L2 isolation also works as client isolation when switched on
  4. Yes, Jose. Now I know that ECB350v1 upper version of SW is 1.5.1 and ECB350v2 lower version of SW is 1.6.12 But that's only from this forum, nothing said on our web-sites with downloads about it ... Thanks
  5. Hmm... yes, my HW is v1 But there is no info about needed hardware in the downloads area. That's not good for the customers.
  6. Hi All! I cannot flash firmware 1.6.12 over 1.5.1. It's said that "This version is for use with version V1.6.12 or above of the ECB350 software" And when I'm upgrading - it's stil stays 1.5.1
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