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  1. Hi Guys - First off thanks to anyone taking the time out of your day to answer these questions for me. It's greatly appreciated. For context here is my setup - Three stand alone Bell Home Hub 2000 modems each pulling 14 meg down & 1 meg up that are being dumped into a Peplink Balance 20 three WAN router. I am on ADSL profile on copper 2,100 meters from the 7330 Bell slam I know it's all pretty sad but that's the best we can accomplish here in Northern Ontario Canada I have five EnGenius ECB1750 wirless points at various locations throughout my residence. Obviously the first ECB1750 is hard wired to one of the LAN ports on the Peplink Balance 20 router. So this leads to my first question - Is it possible to have the ECB 1750 wireless points to pull signal from the next closest ECB1750 with the strongest signal ? Or must each of the ECB1750 wireless points pull its signal from the main ECB1750 that is hard wired via the LAN cable to the main router ?? To my thinking there should be away to make each ECB1750 pull signal from the next / closest and strongest ECB1750 signal As opposed to the one that is hard wired to the router If this is possible , how does one accomplish this within the ECB1750 menu configurations ?? Now question number 2 - On the back side of the ECB1750 there is an Ethernet port. Is this port only designed to be used as a port for setting up and configuring the ECB1750 and as the originating LAN point for the first hub ?? Or can it also be used as a hard wire connection to a PC or laptop at various points within the residence ? In order to achieve a more stable connection Basically disabling the wireless function and turning it into a soely hard wired connection If this is possible , how does one accomplish this within the ECB1750 menu configurations ?? Once again thank-you to anyone out there taking time out of their busy day to address these questions.

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