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    The impedance of the headset jack is 32 ohms. If your goal is to connect this to an external speaker or paging amplifier, you will need a 32 ohm impedance speaker or input for best performance. Connecting to an 8 ohm load will result in low audio. If the goal is to create a "wireless external ringer" (so to be heard in a very loud environment), then we suggest using a Viking M2W 2 watt external ringer and speaker.
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    Finally, I found the stuff for EDS outdoor bullet series....
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    @TMac Yes, we have outdoor APs that has Guest Network feature. Not all models though. We have ENH220EXT, ENH1750EXT, ENH900EXT, ENH710EXT, ENS1750, ENS1200 among those.
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    MU-MIMO = multi-user MIMO and MIMO = single-user MIMO MIMO refers to a way of sending and receiving more than one data simultaneously for a single-user.
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    As of the moment, we still do not have any updates if DHCP will be implemented for outdoor devices.
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    Technically, they are both the same bridge configuration. The only difference between the WDS AP/ WDS Sta mode is that it is a transparent bridging.
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    You may be referring to PoE+/PoE Plus, which is the same as 802.3at.
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    1. What's Caller ID you used? FSK or DTMF? 2. Behind PBX or direct connect to PSTN? 3. If behind PBX, what's the brand and type of PBX? According the system limitation, DuraFon Pro V1 V2/DuraFon4x supported FSK Caller ID only.
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    Hi Mike, Thank you for the suggestion. I will propose the solution that you recommended to my customer.
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    EWS360AP or EWS350AP access points for indoors and EWS860AP or EWS660AP for outdoors. EWS7928FP to power some of the AP as well as serve as the controller. The Neutron APs can also be managed by the EZMaster software.
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    We have a demo site you can check out: http://ezmdemo.engeniusnetworks.com/login.html userid: demo password: demo
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