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How to resplve The Device Does Not Respond to Input from the Keyboard

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If you huawei switch S5720 Not Respond to Input from the Keyboard,what should you do, then let me tell you.

Fault Description

The command line interface of the device suddenly does not respond to input from the keyboard.

Possible Cause

  • The device is processing other services and the high CPU usage results in no response to the input from the keyboard.

  • Another user restarts the device or the device restarts at the scheduled time.

  • The device hardware is damaged or a software bug occurs


  1. Check whether any user runs the save or display diagnostic-information command. The command execution results in high CPU usage in a short period during which the device does not respond to input from the keyboard. Wait for a while and check whether the fault is rectified. If the fault persists, go to the next step.
  2. Check whether any user restarts the device.

    Only users of level 3 and higher levels can run the reboot command to restart the device. Check whether any authorized user restarts the device.

    Log in to the device through the console interface to check whether the frequently changing information is displayed and whether the device starts normally based on the information. If the device starts normally, the fault is rectified after a while. If the device starts abnormally, rectify the fault by referring to The Device Repeatedly Restarts. If no information is displayed or illegible characters are displayed, go to the next step.

  3. If the fault persists, the device hardware may be damaged or a software bug occurs. Contact technical support personnel to rectify the fault.

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