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E1s total affectation if services capacity exceed the bandwidth configured in RTN910

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Issue Description

In the RTN 910 V1R1 Huawei engineer configured 16 CES services with the U2000 Web LCT V100R002C01SPC003 correctly and began to connect tributaries one by one in the DDF. First BTSs were working normally but after engineer connect the E1 in 14 port, services in all ports got interrupted.

Alarm Information


Handling Process

To solve the problem it is necessary to set a modulation and a IF bandwidth according with the capacity to be configured. In this case a 32QAM / 28MHz work mode is enough to configure 16 CES services.

Root Cause

After service affectation field engineer procedure to verify the RTN910 configuration as follows:

- Check the CES service configuration. 16 E1s were well configured in both RTNs
- After verify the alarm (CES_LOSPKT_EXC) reported by RTN in both sides engineer check the modulation and IF bandwidth. Modulation was in 32QAM and IF bandwidth in 7 MHz.
- With the 32QAM and 7 MHz total bandwidth is 25 Mb/s and total bandwidth services configured were 32 Mb/s causing an exceed of packets and hence lost of services



Verify the engineer design and the bandwidth capacity in the IF parameters to assure services don’t exceed the limit supported 

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