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What is a Pixel Perfect Website Design

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You might have heard this phrase while being associated with web design industry “Pixel Perfect Web Design”. From web agencies to clients everyone is striving for this kind of web design. So, what is exactly a pixel perfect web design?

It is basically a process where you take every individual pixel under consideration rather than just the designing of the page. It is just opposite to what is called compression artifact. Here you take each pixel of the picture under consider. This process makes the image more clean, clear and sharper. In this process each pixel has been given proper attention to get the best picture which can fits the best.

Is this kind of design possible and what are the problems associated?
Yes, this is possible. While thinking of creating this kind of web design, we often go with Photoshop images which look delightful. But when coding part comes, it is here, where you will back out. Problem with different browsers interpreting codes differently. You also not be able to decide the desktop size which people would be using. Some might be using traditional desktops while some might be using laptops or tablets.

It is not about getting 100% pixel perfect web design but about getting near to that 100%.

Given below are tutorials to help you out:
Pixel hunting

You can get the information at GoTreehouse, where they told about eliminating the unwanted anti aliasing and creating a pixel perfect picture. This is the best platform to learn the same.

Pixel perfect techniques
If you are wondering for pixel perfect web design through Photoshop and illustrator, the tutorials at medialoot guys will be of great help. It is an In depth guide to 6 crucial pixel perfect techniques.

Pixel fitting
This is another useful guide by Dustin Curtis. This guide talks about techniques used to optimize vectors into Photoshop called as “Pixel Fitting”. This method takes control of Photoshop and use effective vector graphics to avoid anti aliasing.

Pixel depth
As the name suggests, this tutorial is present to provide depth to your web design. It teaches the techniques to improve or increase the depth of the design so that the design looks sophisticated and up to the mark.

Pixel art
It is the oldest and traditional form of achieving pixel perfect design. This is older than the web itself and as originated from web itself. It is considered as one of the hardest form of pixel perfect design as it is completely hand crafted and does not use any sort of vectors or shortcuts.

After going through the complete designing processes and the tutorials you would have got an idea of what pixel perfect web design is and how to create it. Perfect web design leads to more audience and more customer engagement on the website. This is the primary thing to achieve as customer engagement is must for good search engine ranking. With the help of these tutorials you can easily go through get the perfect web design for your website.

Pixel perfect web design would ultimately get you more customers. This kind of web design is not that easy to create but if created will get the most customer engagements as they have great user experience while using the website and navigating through it. For the customers everything on the web page is too clean, clear and defined which really help them to proceed further on the website.


Pixel Perfect Web Design.jpg

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