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Success Story excerpt: Montgomery Technologies

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R. Castle


Montgomery Technologies is a professional services firm specializing in the integration of technology and commercial real estate. “We provide technology management services for the commercial real estate industry, with a particular focus on telecommunications infrastructure, base building infrastructure, and tenant solutions,” explained Greg Jones, President of Montgomery Technologies.

“Prior to using the EnGenius Neutron Series, we had disparate monitoring systems at various locations, and managing all of those systems was a challenge,” said Jones. “With the rollout of the ezMaster software, the Neutron Series has allowed us to really consolidate some of our infrastructure and leverage the platform to manage multiple networks across the country.”

“Networking monitoring has taken a big turn with the introduction of the ezMaster platform,” explained Chris Tallerico, Director of Network Services for Montgomery Technologies. “We were managing and monitoring our wireless access points via a third-party product. With ezMaster, we’ve been able to migrate almost all of the WAPs that we monitor in the field to the platform which allows us now to centrally monitor and manage every single wireless product that we have throughout the United States on one platform.”

Case study PDF: http://www.engeniustech.com/resources/Montgomery Tech Case Study FINAL.pdf

Neutron series information: https://www.engeniustech.com/solutions/neutron-series.html


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