Ports... not port fwd

I've been having trouble getting my Apple TV to work properly. I have a someone complex network. As my primary gateway i have a ESR600. From there two apple tv's work just fine. Also off that gateway i have two enstationAC antennas that throw a connection a little over a mile to my other place. At that point i have a EPG5000 configured as an access point. (Firewall/NAT/DHCP all off) connected to that is a few phone, a smart TV, laptops.... bla bla bla. Anyways the Apple TV at the second home refuses to allow airplay and wont even connect for a software update. 

Called Apple Techsupport (beat head against desk) and they said some of my ports on the router may not be open. I ran a port scan from the far point in the network to both the ESR600 and the EPG5000 and not all of them are open. 

The only open ports are 21, 53, 80 and 8080

I need to open 123, 443, 554, 3689, 5353

Im familiar with port forwarding but that sends incoming calls to specific internal IP address. How do i open the need ports so the device can see out? 

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