EZ Controller will not startup in Windows 10

I just installed the EnGenius EZ Controller v3.8.2 on my laptop running Windows 10, but.....

1.  After the install completed, the installation results dialog window said to check the installation log because warnings were generated.  I searched for the installation log file, but could not find it.  Anyone know what folder it resides in and what is the actual name of the installation log file?

2.  When I click on the application's icon on my desktop to start the application, a dialog window renders immediately indicating "The NMS is already running at another instance.  This instance will be shutdown."  I attached a screenshot of what I am referring to.  When I click the "OK" button, the application stops loading and shuts down.  I tried starting the application again AFTER I turned off all the Windows 10 firewalls, but I received the same result.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?  

Thank You In Advance.


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Resolved for me by running EZ Controller as administrator for first run (Right click; "Run as Administrator")

After doing it once can now open regularly by just clicking shortcut

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