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  1. EAP1750H doesn't support EZM.
  2. Hi Ron, Here you are.
  3. Hi Ron, Are you also use FCC (USA) firmware ?
  4. This may help.
  5. Check this: What is RSSI and its acceptable signal strength?
  6. It should already fixed in latest firmware.
  7. My one with f/w v2.0.361, the "kick" function works fine for me.
  8. It's inside each SSID settings page.
  9. Yes, you can setup multi-SSID with untag vlan 1 on one SSID and tag vlan 30 on another SSID, only the isolation on vlan 30's SSID need to be checked. Where is the DHCP server located? Are they connected with managed switch?
  10. Did you uncheck the "Green" function next to the Operation Mode?
  11. Which model are you using?
  12. After save, did you click the "Changes" on the top right hand corner and then click "Apply"?
  13. I think the ENH500 you have is v1 and the latest official firmware should be v1.5.6. v1.5.74.0 is for ENH500 v2.
  14. Will your smart phone or laptop able can get wifi signal from the office router when you are 500m away from the building? If not, you will need 2 ENH500, one for transmit another one for receive.
  15. You can set a static IP for the camera, or you can use "EnViewer Finder" tool to find the camera in your network (include IP information).