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  1. Internet Explorer 11 is find to use.
  2. ENH1750EXT Firmware v3.0.2.9

    may i know where did you download this version? Is this firmware an official release?
  3. EnStation5-AC DHCP Client

    Hi Patrick, according to your mention, EnStation5-AC was set to access point and connect to your existed network. then you can not get the IP address from your DHCP server(maybe a router device) via EnStation5-AC, right?
  4. ENH200 Connectivity Problems

    May I know if your scenario is Cable modem <wired> Router <Wired via LAN> ENH202#1(WDS Bridge) <wireless> ENH202#2(WDS Bridge) <wired via LAN> Client ? Then clients could not access internet now?
  5. Number Of Device/User

    You can try 4x4 EWS models (EWS370/371AP or EWS870/871AP), but actually I would not suggest to run 200+ concurrent users in one AP ...
  6. ENS500 vs ENH500

    The EIRP (Tx power + antenna gain) is different between ENS500(26dBm+10dBi) and ENH500(27dBm+13dBi), and basically high EIRP could provide better coverage with longer connectivity.

    Hi Marcel, 1. It's not easy to get a clear understanding for me. May you make a note in picture to indicate what you mention? 2. It will not be a problem if the thin coat of latex didn't contain metal composition.
  8. EOC2611P reset

    You also can press HW reset button more than 10 secs to reset unit to factory default.
  9. Did IP cameras connect to ENH202's second port via Ethernet cable?
  10. 4*4 Antenna

    Got it. Thank you. Do you have the information for MSRP?
  11. 4*4 Antenna

    Do you know it supports dual polarization or not?
  12. 4*4 Antenna

    Will the 4x4 sector antenna be implemented female N-type connector?
  13. 4*4 Antenna

    Is there any news for the launch date of 4x4 sector antenna and is there anyone could share specification?
  14. How to select the capture card for VMS ?

    Is there estimated schedule?
  15. Firmware Upgrade

    OK, Thank you, TMac