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    EnStationAC Speed issues

    I'm going to try that next. I'm just happy I have usable speeds now. Using these to monitor security camera's and control hvac equipment between buildings.

    EnStationAC Speed issues

    That is one of the last things I tried and it worked. Went from 54 Mb/s to 173.3 Mb/s. Channel 108 seems to work the best for me.
  3. I bought 12 on these units to use indoors and outdoors. Right now I'm having speed issues with 8 of them and cannot figure it out. On the Master one I leave it as "Access Point" I left the other settings to auto. I changed the IP and changed the SSID with a password. I go to the next two devices and set them as "Client Bridge". I made sure they all connected and was able to ping each other. I noticed they only connected at 54 Mb/s. I moved the three devices around my work shop and they wont connect any faster then 54 Mb/s. I take them over the hangar they are going to be used it and mounted them. They are in a triangle pattern around 45ft off the ground. Signal is -42 to -46 and the speed is still stuck at 54 Mb/s. I grabbed another three of the EnStationAC for another hangar and the samething again 54 Mb/s. I have two more connecting the buildings together they around like 500+ft away. Again 54 Mb/s and will not connect faster. That makes eight of these that will not connect any faster then 54 Mb/s. I grabbed two more and mounted one on my work shop outside and got another one and mounted it 1.3 miles away. I put them up real fast just to see what would happen and I'm getting 300 Mb/s no problem. I can ping and stream 1080p security camera's no problem. I grabbed another one and mounted it outside on a building like 2,000ft away and I'm getting 360 Mb/s. So currently I have three that work fine outside. Two outside that wont connect any better then 54 Mb/s. Then I have (6) total, 3 in each building that will not work faster then 54 Mb/s. I've seen the speeds drop all the way down to 6.5 Mb/s. Do these devices have a minimum distance needed between them? I've tried: 20, 40 and 80Mhz and with the channel on Auto and 36, 48, 120, 161 and 165 I tried transmit power level on Auto, Lowest setting and highest. I tried changing data rate speed from auto to a set speed and non of the devices will connect. Distance setting I tried 1 and upto 5. Not sure if that does anything. I'm using WPA2/PSK TKIP+AES for security.

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