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    EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    OMG.. thats much better.. better try again to fix the firmware.. Casue you made a boat anchor out these units.. and look I can share the EPG5000 firmware _THAT WORKS EPG5000-FW-V1-03-013-26.dlf
  2. Bo1o1

    EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    I found older firmware here.. and will post after I roll mine back a version.. also copied last one before this version here.. tired.. but hey.. router issues.. doh https://www.engeniustech.com/wp_firmware/
  3. Bo1o1

    EnShare Exploit Firmware fix

    I also started having issues with my internet after latest update.. Net connection is glitchy.. I can access the interface in browser.. but need older firmware to fix till Engenius fixes this firmware! I can't seem to keep a file flowing.. and large files stop or get paused.. videos in FB pausing often.. speed test shows 100+ DL.. but others that send larger and larger files.. get stuck on the bigger files.. It zip fast to 60-80% and then sits.. and fails..

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