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  1. Thank you very much for the replies. Sorry for not getting back sooner just haven't had a chance to try the suggestions. I will chime back in once I do. Thanks again!
  2. Mike, What should I have the second router set to? PPPoE, Static IP, or DHCP I think I've tried all of them but not sure. I will try later tonight. I think I may have been better off with the more simple stock firmware that my Netgear router came with originally. The DDWRT has so many settings that it is overwhelming. I really wish I could get this to work. Again, I do appreciate the input
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks very much for the reply. Yes I have the ethernet cable from the ENH200 connected to the WAN/Internet Port of 2nd router. I have tried changing the ip of the 2nd wifi router (the one connected to the ENH200) to (main router at house is at Still won't let me connect to internet if I connect via wifi to the 2nd router. If I connect with ethernet cable from laptop right to ENH200 all is well Thanks
  4. Hey all, So I have an ENH200 in a detached shop in the back yard. It is connected in client bridge mode to my wifi router in the main house. I have a rock solid signal and everything works great if I connect my laptop with ethernet cable directly to the ENH200. Problem is that I want to connect a wifi router to the enh200 so that I can have wifi (internet) in the shop. I am unable to get this to work Could anyone tell me what settings I need on the wifi router connected to the enh200 for this to work. Also do I connect the enh200 to the main ethernet connection on the router or to one of the 4 ethernet connections? The router is an onld Netgear that I have DDWRT on. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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