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    APs won't accept changes

    We're new to Ezmaster. Having trouble getting my brand new APs (EWS860AP) to accept changes. They're configured in an AP group. When I make a simple change, such as changing the name of the SSID, and clicking Apply, it goes through to "Ready to Configure Group", then it shows it configuring all 3 APs with no problem. The only problem is, the change does not stick. When I go back in to edit the group, the configuration is as if it had never been changed. I have created new groups, rebooted EZmaster, rebooted the APs, to no avail. Please help. ezMaster Version 0.12.17 Controller Version 1.8.58 ezRegister Client Version 0.5.13 Uptime 1h 25m
  2. We're trying out a new Engenius setup with EWS860APs. We have VOIP system using Polycom Spectralink 8440 wireless phones. I can't get them to connect to the wireless network. The polycom site says they will only work with polycom certified APs. Of course Engenius is not in the list. The criticial piece, it seems, is something called WMM-PS, with Vo/Vi. Seems to be a QoS protocol that prioritizes Voice and Video traffic. The EWS860APs seem to have WMM, but not WMM-PS, or Vo/Vi. And ideas on how to get them to connect? thanks a billion, Darrell

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