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  1. Which SFP modules are compatible with EnGenius switches?
  2. Does the EWS7928P have a “Save” Button on the Maintenance bar of the GUI?
  3. How do I set date and time on DuraFon PRO handset since there is date and time stamp on received call logs?
  4. Can you use EnViewer with cameras on different networks? If I have an EnGenius router with camera and EDS1130 in my home and another router and EDS1130 in my office, can I install the EnViewer app on my phone and monitor the cameras on these 2 locations?
  5. Is there a way to increase the volume using the EnViewer App if you want to speak through the EDS1130 camera?
  6. How to setup Access Point in a resort where the pool bar is about 300ft away from the buildings and does not have wired access to the network.
  7. What do the Trunk1 to Trunk8 under PVID of my EWS5912FP switch refer to?
  8. My EGS2108P locks up when DHCP lease time is up on the connected DHCP server.
  9. Is there a way to set up multiple VLAN profiles at once on the EGS7228P?
  10. What is the Power Budget of my EnGenius Switch?
  11. Can I connect non-PoE devices to the PoE switch's PoE ports?
  12. Can port mirroring be set up on the ESR600?
  13. Which IoT gateway can EnTalk with work?
  14. ECB600 gains Fast Handover feature
  15. What are the settings to be used on the Serial Connection Software (e.g Putty/Hyper Terminal) for Switches?