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  1. You've just asked for an RMA. We have provided you the link to where you can send an RMA request. If none of the documentation we provided could help you, then this may obviously an issue with the phone. How about try a different battery if you have a spare one.
  2. You may fill out the RMA request form from the link below and send to
  3. I would appreciate if you could let me know the issue that you are experiencing with your DURAFON1X
  4. We do have DURAFON 1X quick reference sheet too. You may also check some articles posted on EnGenius Help Center.See below: DuraFon_1x_Quick_Ref_Sheet_and_FAQs_FINAL.doc
  5. See article posted on EnGenius Help Center:
  6. Hi, Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center:
  7. Please make sure that you your ENH202 is already equipped with the latest firmware build posted on EnGenius official website.
  8. The ENH202 has no repeater function. Since the ENH202 (client bridge) is connected wireless from the existing router, you may connect an ENS202EXT at the back of the client bridge to provide wireless.
  9. Check out the link on the EnGenius Help Center:
  10. You would have to download the firmware from the link provided and save it to a PC/laptop. Login to the configuration page of the EHN700EXT and go to firmware upgrade. Browse the file from the PC/Laptop and upload it to the ENH700EXT
  11. Try flashing the firmware then reset and reconfigure the units. Use the link below to download the firmware:
  12. Reuse the non-overlapping channels. You can use the same channel on 2 access points as long as they are not adjacent to each other. 802.11b/g/n (mixed) 802.11a/n (mixed)
  13. You're most welcome!