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  1. atomel

    EWS320AP standalone mode

    thanks !
  2. can someone help me to figure out how to give back WLAN access to EWS320AP's client after being kicked that way ? of course without resetting AP to default settings...
  3. atomel

    client name Instead of MAC address

    same result here ...
  4. atomel

    Number Of Device/User

    Hi it's almost not possible on 2.4GHz can you tell more details about project ? client devices, ranges, minimum speed, latency, local RF environment ? some vendors declare 200+ or even 500+ users per AP... but there are too many cons to try this approach in real project. in general it's not a good idea to have one monster Access Point for 200+ clients.
  5. many other vendor's WiFi solutions detect connected client device names, while EnGenius only shows MAC addresses don't you think it's useful to have that feature too ?
  6. atomel

    Share live video on social media

    i would like to contribute the team if someone works on this
  7. atomel

    Share live video on social media

    I believe this feature would lead to increase EnGenius's share in IP camera market several times ! almost all IP cameras in the market need third party software or server for transcoding MPED or RTSP stream to RTMP and it's not free ... may be it's concerned to IP camera's CPU/RAM/ resource limits..

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