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  1. Hi, I own an ENH200 antenna. The current setting in the antenna is set to Client bridge. I'm connected to a wireless router about 500 feet away and everythings working fine. My antenna is connected to a network switch and my local remote wired network works perfectly. But now, I would like to add the functionnality of a repeater with this antenna... I would like to repeat the wifi signal of that router.... is it possible with this antenna ? what setting (mode) should I use ? what other device should I need if the antenna can't do that ? thanks
  2. Hi, I'm organising a sport event nearby an hotel and I need internet access. The hotel is allowing me to connect to their free wif and they gave me a password. With my laptop, I'm too far away from the hotel to connect to the wifi. I have a ENH-200 antenna. I setup that antenna in bridge mode and I'm seeing the hotel wifi in the list. I'm clicking on it but I can't connect to it. With my laptop inside the hotel and can connect to the wifi no problem by entering the password in the hotel wifi welcome page, but with my antenna, it seems that I can't go through that page ! Is there a way I can connect to that hotel wifi even if they have a welcome page where I need to enter the password over there ?

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