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    Constant Beeping; R1 symbol displayed

    I'm the original poster. I ended up calling the Engenius support phone number (because they never answered my questions here) and they issued a RMA. The phone was fixed and returned. It has worked flawlessly since.
  2. PA1852

    Constant Beeping; R1 symbol displayed

    R1 = Repeater mode. I've turned that off via the menu The crossed out handset symbol is now also gone. The phone is still beeping. It does a double beep every few seconds. The battery seems to to charged. I've switched batteries with another phone and the beeping continues.
  3. We have several EnGenius Durafon Pros (model SP-922PRO HC V2). One of the phones is now beeping every few seconds. On the display, an "R1" is shown as well as a symbol of a handset crossed out. I've tried unregistering/reregistering the phone, but this didn't help.

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