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  1. How to Update ezMaster Software

    Found the file on Engenius's European Site. I have not installed yet so use at your own risk.
  2. How to Update ezMaster Software

    This Help Center link is great except when you try and download the file from this link you get an invalid Dropbox Link for the EzMaster update file.
  3. I am trying to get ezMaster working on a KVM based VM in an Openstack environment and was wondering if anyone had any luck doing this. I took the ezMaster OVA file from my VirtualBox install and created a qcow2 image file but when I try and boot the image in Openstack I am receiving an incompatible version message. I tried the same OVA on a VMware vCloud instance I have access to and had the same results. From my VirtualBox instance it seems like ezMaster is just a Debain instance so my thought was it should run in KVM. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.