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  1. Being used to Cisco switches, Im having a hard time trying to assign a SNMP compatible name/description to the interfaces on our EWS7928FP. Basically set the IFName value. Even tried the CLI with no success? Is this even doable?
  2. We have a EWS7928FP with 8 EWS370AP access points hooked up. Our configuration uses two SSIDs. One SSID uses VLAN 1 and goes to a series of internal web servers. The second uses VLAN 3 and needs to connect to a VPN concentrator. The concentrator is set up for VLAN 3. I have the SSIDs in the EWS370APs setup to use the proper VLAN. After that the setup in the EWS7928FP is a bit puzzleing to me. I need some help in getting this configured properly in the EWS7928FP. Thank you in advance.