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  1. Naming interfaces

    Using an RRdtool like Cacti can read the MiBS of ifName, ifAlias and ifDescrip. WIth the Engenius EWS7928FP, the ifName gets read as GigabitEthernet1, GigabitEthernet2, GigabitEthernet3 and so on. But I wouild like to make a custom name like 'ConRoom Wifi' or 'OutsideWifi', but there seems to be no way to do this
  2. Naming interfaces

    Being used to Cisco switches, Im having a hard time trying to assign a SNMP compatible name/description to the interfaces on our EWS7928FP. Basically set the IFName value. Even tried the CLI with no success? Is this even doable?
  3. VLAN Setup

    We have a EWS7928FP with 8 EWS370AP access points hooked up. Our configuration uses two SSIDs. One SSID uses VLAN 1 and goes to a series of internal web servers. The second uses VLAN 3 and needs to connect to a VPN concentrator. The concentrator is set up for VLAN 3. I have the SSIDs in the EWS370APs setup to use the proper VLAN. After that the setup in the EWS7928FP is a bit puzzleing to me. I need some help in getting this configured properly in the EWS7928FP. Thank you in advance.