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  1. What is the recommended distance between antennas when mounting more than one sector? I have limited roof space and was hoping to be able to use the standoffs included with the antennas to be able to mount two of them to the same singular mast. Is there a specified minimum separation recommended for this type of antenna? I have the wire length and if needed can mount them up to ~8' apart. I am hoping that since they will be pointed at their own discrete 120 degree section of the same circle that they will not interfere with each other.
  2. It would be nice if the antenna ports on the sector antennas came with dust caps or mechanical covers similar to the protective covers included with the ENH1750EXT. So in a case where only one input is used, the others can be protected from the elements. I was going to try to put the AP mounting cover and bracket on the back of the antenna over the wired connections, but the rigidity of the wires and the angle of the AP cover make that unworkable. My other option is to transfer the covers from the 1750 to the 5315's after they are mobilized as I will be using all 6 of the antenna outputs on the 1750.
  3. So I understand that the SA5315 is a 5Ghz sector antenna. If I am using two of them in conjunction with only one ENH1750EXT is there any benefit to using more then one wire to one antenna, I only have 3 5Ghz antenna outputs on the 1750, so one antenna would have 2 5Ghz connections, and the other antenna only one 5Ghz source. Would the second wire increase bandwidth or available clients? If so I can add it to the sector that I believe will carry more traffic. Otherwise I was planning on leaving the stock stubby antenna on the AP and possibly tasking that to the close range clients that would be within, or below if you will, the 9 degree vertical band of the sector antennas. Obviously with one antenna and one AP you can take advantage of the 3x3 technology, I got this antenna mainly as a future proof type situation, should I want to add a third sector or second AP. Also are there any restrictions on how close the SA5315 can be mounted in relation to each other? My mounting space is limited and I was hoping to be able to mount them both on the same mast in the corresponding directions. Or is there a way within the ENH1750EXT to convert all six outputs to 5Ghz by eliminating or shutting off the 2.4Ghz band? I didn't see anything in the documentation or manuals about this type of feature, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist.
  4. So that fixed the visibility on the screens. I can see the Timezone and Firmware tabs again. This should probably be something to put in the release notes for the new firmware. This is the first time I've ever had to clear browser history for a firmware flash to work on ANY device. But this did not answer why the reset button on the POE injector did not reset the ENH1750. A physical reset button is almost mandatory on any device you can change the IP address on just because there is always a chance that you type it in wrong, or give it a wrong sub-net, and then can never find it again. Its an uncommon error, but no one is perfect.
  5. This sounds like a typical IP conflict. If the two LAN's were set up separately and before the implementation of the bridge, it is very possible that some of the machines on either side may have the same IP address. The best way to troubleshoot it would be to disable the bridge then run a program such as IP Scanner on each side. Once you have the results, it will be obvious if there are conflicts. Once each machine has a discrete IP, re-enable the bridge and it should work seamlessly. Also make sure there is only one DHCP server handing out IP's, again is the networks were previously discrete, there would have to have been two routers, one on each site. Typically in a bridge configuration, the network runs as if it is hard wired. I have not experienced a learning curve for the devices. If it is not an IP conflict then it might just be a settings issue in one of the 1750's.
  6. This situation needs more information. Do you need wired and wireless access at the bar? i.e. POS is a wired terminal and you also want guest WiFi, or is it strictly to provide WiFi to guests? Is there line of sight to a point on the main building that would allow for a direct outdoor AP on the main building? You might not need to build a bridge to the pool bar if you get an outdoor AP that has the range to cover the pool.
  7. The best situation is WDS Bridge mode for both of the antennas. Then below that you can set up a key for that new wireless bridge. Then on each device make sure to enter the other devices MAC address in the field below. This allows the two devices to see and communicate with each other. I have 4 similar bridges at work built with the ENS500. The best way to communicate from the device is through the POE injector on the POE port. I've never been successful configuring the non-POE port to work well. I would also recommend sequential IP addresses just to avoid confusion down the road. i.e. and it is not crucial, but as your network grows, it will be helpful. Then it is always a good idea to test them in the same room to see if they connect to each other, one connected to the 201 router, and the other just powered on. You should be able to ping both of them. Then once you install them, and make sure they are aligned, your downstream from "208" would ideally go to a switch and then to other wired clients and an AP for wireless clients. One other tip, EnGenius products all have different POE injectors. I tried running my ENS500's from my HP POE Managed switches and they wouldn't power on or respond. The included POE pass through injector is key.
  8. I noticed on my 1750 that after I made changes that the "Changes" button did not always show the relevant changes. There is a save button on each tabbed page, then that sends them up to the "changes" button, which allows you to set multiple changes in multiple settings without having to restart the device everytime you tab from page to page. After you make changes, even if the "Changes" button doesn't reflect pending changes, it is always a good idea to click it and then select apply changes.
  9. So I went out and got the newest firmware for the ENH1750Ext that I am about to deploy on my network. When I flashed the update, the Firmware and Timezone tabs now show a blank screen, I've tried the built in factory reset, which did not reset firmware, and I tried the "Reset Button" on the POE injector that is supposed to reset the AP... that didn't work either. So since I cannot see my Firmware screen to see the version, or browse and upload the firmware again, is it possible to roll-back to ver. 2.0.5 which was the default on the device from the factory?