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  1. Firmware is current based on your website, 2.0.152. The 2.4Ghz client is a weather station wifi modem that is asleep most of the time, and only awake when it needs to transmit. Approximately every 5 minutes or so.
  2. I am currently using an iPhone 5s as my signal testing device. I am within the 120 degree sector that should have signal and have clear line of sight to the antenna. I am using this device because moving forward the plan is for our roaming clients to be able to use similar devices.
  3. So I have an SA 5315 currently connected to the 3 5Ghz outputs of my ENH1750EXT, my question is, does order matter? The inputs of the antennas are clearly marked 1,2, and 3, while there is no indication of 1,2, or 3 on the corresponding AP outputs. My question stems from the fact that my SA5315 does not seem to have nearly the advertised range. I am getting a spotty signal at approximately .75 miles with clear line of sight to the antenna. I will be bringing an SA2312 online to the 2.4Ghz outputs of the same access point and don't want to run in to the same issues. Also when using a Sector Antenna with the ENH1750EXT, is there an ideal power setting to use for the WiFi transmission power. I am currently using "Green Mode" which does not allow for the modification of power levels, but there was an article that was referenced in another topic that said that the ideal settings for outdoor AP's were -17db on the 2,4Ghz band and -23db on the 5Ghz band. That too much power will make return communications difficult. Does this theory also hold true when using Sector Antennas? Will I achieve better range by disabling the green mode and setting the power to these settings, or does the power need to correspond to the db of the sector antenna? Also does band steering work when using sector antennas, or should I leave it off?
  4. This still seems to be an issue. I believe the root cause of the slowdown is the limited bandwidth in the wireless signals between the ENS500's, and the volume of information they are carrying. It seems to be getting better, but I still have times when the AP appears to be unresponsive or taking a VERY long time to respond. I guess my best bet is to always use a terminal that is on the same switch as the AP.
  5. So my ENH1750EXT seems to have a mind of its own. I have a stationary client on the 2.4Ghz band of the AP and the AP seems to randomly stop communicating to the client. The client is set on a staic IP and is well within range and line of sight. The only way I can reestablish communications to the client from the AP is to reboot the AP. This stationary client is my test platform for full mobilization when I expect to have from 20-40 roaming clients on the AP across both bands. Is there a reason or known issue for this to be happening?
  6. I just need to confirm that the connectors on the top of the ENS500EXT are rp sma female. I am trying to buy parts in advance and don't want to buy the incorrect adapter. So just to confirm, the connectors on the top, although labeled as female, have male threads on the outside and the male signal pin on the inside as well, so i would need to purchase wires with an rp sma male end?
  7. So is there an ideal Transmit power setting on the ENH1750EXT that is most compatible with the SA5315? I don't want to turn the power up to high, max is -27dB if the antennas are designed to idealy work with -15dB.... I just want to get one side of the 1750 running so I can evaluate coverage and saturation for the purpose of deciding how I want to cover the second sector. Thanks,
  8. here is an approximate map of our set up. The ENS500's and the ENH1750 only communicate through wires to the HP switch at the source. There is no wireless communication between the ENS500's and the ENH1750. I believe that solves the RSSI question. There is also no line of sight from the ENS500's on the source building to the ENH1750. They are obstructed by corners. The powered sector is the one SA5315 That is connected 3x3 to the ENH1750EXT on the 5 ghz ports. I am still not seeing the signal in that sector. Are the transmit power settings in the UI that I am missing? the only place I see it is under the wireless tab there is a power option but it is greyed out due to the channel option being in auto.
  9. Con't... central building. The enh1750 faces generally east. The distance to about 75' linear, not counting roof corners and such. I cannot see any of the enh500's from the enh1750. I do not know how to check the RSSI. If that is in the ui of the enh500, I will have to talk to the guy who set those up. I am simply adding an AP and antennas to an existing network to get the wifi out to the east side over the golf course.
  10. The ens500's are all outside of the arc of the Sa5315. We have a total of 4 bridge pairs. They are all hubbed out of the central building, with three ens500's facing generally south, and one facing northwest. Each of those four have their own corresponding receiver on the appropriate building that is part of the network. They are also on completely different faces of the central build
  11. My new ENH1750EXT was recently mobilized to its permanent home up on a mast a couple of buildings away from my desk. We have ENS500 bridge devices carrying the network between buildings. I am having difficulty maintaining a solid IP connection from my browser to the ENH1750. I can type the address, and I get a login page, once I am logged in, the response from the device becomes intermittent. I have tried changing the internal IP of the ENH1750 to see if I had generated an address conflict in the time the device was moved from my desk, and powered back up in its final place, as well as switching from https: back to http security. The POE injector is about 3' from my switch and the run from the injector to the device is ~50 feet. So POE distances should not be an issue. My last resort is to do a factory reset, or as much of a factory reset is possible on this device with no physical reset button. (The POE injector reset button does not seem to work,) and then reset an IP address on a local client connected directly to the device and re enter all the settings. The device is currently being used to run an SA5315 sector antenna with the three 5Ghz ports, and the 2.4 Ghz ports are using the local stubby antennas.
  12. Right, My mistake, I am not seeing in the documentation for the ENH1750, any demarcation for specific connectors where the antennas attach, other than 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Is there a specific order for each connector to go to the antenna? The antenna ports are labeled 1,2, and 3. Once I ran all three wires from the 5Ghz ports on the ENH1750 to the SA5315, the 5Ghz signal dropped off completely. Also when I did a site scan when it was connected incorrectly, both bands showed results. After I connected the antenna correctly, the 5Ghz band now shows nothing.
  13. So the SA5219? I don't see a 5216 on the web site. Since the only 3X3 AP is the 1750, I will have to swap out one antenna for a 2x2 and go with a enh500, and run another wire to the switch through a POE injector. This all makes much more sense now. However EnGenius would do well by its customers to include accurate documentation in the box with specific models. As well as to provide much more detailed resources on the web page. The only documentation I got with my 5315 was a generic 2x2 pamphlet that clearly explains that an ENH500 can be mounted directly to this model. It really wouldn't cost that much money to print specific documentation for each antenna. I know the website lists the compatible model AP's/Antenna combos, but it does NOT specifically inform about incompatible models and how or why they would not work. If you are not a network engineer, these things are not plainly obvious. I suppose that not a lot of non-network guys are buying these though. Thanks for the feedback, I will look into swapping out the needed parts and re configuring my array. If the SSID and the security are the same on both, will the 500 and 1750 play nice on hand offs from one sector to the next or will I have to set remote clients up with 2 discrete SSID's and passwords?
  14. So you're telling me that I have to use all three connectors from one ENH1750 to run one sector? So I have to spend even MORE money with EnGenius to get another ENH1750 or a ENS500 just to run the other antenna? Is it because of the 802.11ac capabilities of the 1750? Lets say I do go with all three ports of the 1750 to one antenna and get an ENS500 for the second antenna, Will the POE pass through port on the 1750 support the 500 or vice versa? Also will the POE pass through pass data as well as power, either way?
  15. So, I to am starting to have my doubts about EnGenius and if anyone actually works there. I mean there are always new products on the website, however, there seems to be no response to tech support emails or even on the forums anymore. I have two SA5315 sector antennas currently each one is being fed through input 1, (They have 3), from an available 5Ghz port on an ENH1750EXT dual band outdoor access point. The problem is, I do not believe my antennas are broadcasting or receiving power. What has led me to this conclusion is that once I started my site survey to see exactly how much of the advertised 1.8 mile coverage I would actually get, I noticed that the 2.4Ghz signal which isn't being piped through a sector antenna actually has more coverage than my 5Ghz signal, which IS currently being fed into the sector antennas. This would make sense as typically 2.4Ghz has more distance but less speed than 5Ghz. If there were no antennas in the picture this would be the expected result. But right now, I am getting about 750' of coverage from my 2.4Ghz signal and about 650' of coverage from my 5Ghz signal. I need at least a mile of range to cover the entire golf course. I have invested a LOT of money with EnGenius at this point because the other solutions we have, (ENS500 Network Bridges) work great. Occasionally one will go down and it is an easy fix to replace it. Or usually just a reboot works. Hopefully someone from EnGenius reads this or someone who has experience with the sector antennas reads this and can give me some feedback. Thanks,