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  1. dieseltwitch

    EPG5000 Drops Wifi at random times

    I have an EPG5000 with updated firmware (1.3.14). Mulitple times through the day the wifi networks dies, I should be clear, the signal stays strong but, the data connection dies. To fix it I have to switch between the two networks (2.4Ghz and 5GHz on the device. At first, I thought it was my devices but its happening to every device that is connected to the router, sometimes its bad enough that I have to physically reset the unit to get an internet connection. None of the status lights show any problem when this happens. how do I fix this problem?
  2. dieseltwitch

    Ports... not port fwd

    I've been having trouble getting my Apple TV to work properly. I have a someone complex network. As my primary gateway i have a ESR600. From there two apple tv's work just fine. Also off that gateway i have two enstationAC antennas that throw a connection a little over a mile to my other place. At that point i have a EPG5000 configured as an access point. (Firewall/NAT/DHCP all off) connected to that is a few phone, a smart TV, laptops.... bla bla bla. Anyways the Apple TV at the second home refuses to allow airplay and wont even connect for a software update. Called Apple Techsupport (beat head against desk) and they said some of my ports on the router may not be open. I ran a port scan from the far point in the network to both the ESR600 and the EPG5000 and not all of them are open. The only open ports are 21, 53, 80 and 8080 I need to open 123, 443, 554, 3689, 5353 Im familiar with port forwarding but that sends incoming calls to specific internal IP address. How do i open the need ports so the device can see out?
  3. dieseltwitch

    Setting for turning an EPG5000 into just a simple AP

    After going through the devices I found I had bad settings in the ant's that were causing them not to pass through the right DNS address. fixed! thank you for the link
  4. dieseltwitch

    Setting for turning an EPG5000 into just a simple AP

    Thank you. However, I've run into another problem. I can't get the access point to pass through the DHCP severs addresses. I can get it to work on devices connnected to the access point but I have put in all the data in as a static up address on said devices. Where's my problem? Is there something going on in the enstationAC's or is this a problem with the access point. I made sure to turn off NAT, firewall & DHCP server. And I moved the incoming connection from the wan port to the LAN ports on the "now" access point.
  5. I have my "network" setup as two separate networks. My internet comes in through my house. I then throw it to my friend's house 1.5 miles aways using two EnstationAC antennas. from there they have an EPG5000 as their router/access point. I want to disable their DHCP, Firewall and any other settings that would interfere with being able to run it as a single network rather than two successive networks. the ping time is very small <1ms on average, So I feel good about letting my router handled all the network traffic. Can someone make me a quick checklist of things I need to turn off / on the ERG5000 to turn it into a pure AC Access point.
  6. dieseltwitch


    Disregard. After doing some embarrassing quick research I learned that it was the style of encryption TKIP that was my bottleneck. Switched to AES and the speeds are back up!
  7. dieseltwitch


    I have two EnstationAC Ant's about a 1.5miles (2.4km) apart. I have a solid connection. -60 to -65dBm. I run the SSID Hidden so that no one even knows its there. Here's where my problem start. If I run it with no security i get speeds up to 120Mb/s. If I enact WPA2-TKIP my speeds will go no higher than 10Mb/s... what's with the more than 10x loss in speed? I want to run it secure but i need more than 10Mb/s. Note: my passcode is long.... 30 char.. is that the problem?

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