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  1. Hi Alijalali::: The firmware is working. Thanks, Ron
  2. Hi Alijalali:: I am using eap350-fcc-v1.5.4.0.bin from Ron
  3. Hi Alijalali: I have exactly the same issue, can I obtain the beta firmware from you? Thanks, Ron
  4. EWS360AP

    EWS360AP firmware:ews360ap-all-v3.3.37.45_c1.8.53 stand alone AP mode Basically, setting are defaults, except with band steering. one SSID enabled no vlan or client isolation. is any other settings should be set in order to have Chromecast 2 working? Will band steering cause problem on chromecast ? Any feedback is appreciated. ron
  5. ENS202ext firmware V1.5.67 Configured as an AP and connection to internet router's LAN port ENS202ext obtain LAN IP via DHCP from internet router. enabled one SSID with WPA2 AES with passkey the rest of the setting are in default values. devices are able to associated to the SSID and getting IP address from the internet router's DHCP server. LAN and wireless devices are able sea each other and able to get to the internet. After couple hours devices on the ENS202ext not able to get to the internet. At that time, I found the internet still working on the router's LAN port and also connect laptop to the 2nd LAN port of the ENS202ext and able to get out to the internet. Also, devices stills associated to the ENS202ext will not able to see other but able to see the wired LAN side. (stations separation is not enable) Reboot the ENS202ext, everything will be working again, The same issue will happen with in a day and reboot will work fine. refresh firmware and Hard reset will not help. replaced with ews300ap for the same setup as AP and everything fine. If anyone can provide some insight what may goes wrong on the ENS200ext to behave like this. Thanks