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  1. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    Correction. We did in fact switch power supplies on one of the sites, no change. We've also flipped transmitter/receiver for the two antennas. We are connecting to network through the power adapter as well
  2. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    No, we haven't. Does the transmitter require more power than the receiver unit? Or are you thinking that one might be faulty and not outputting enough juice consistently? Thanks for all the assistance
  3. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    That didn't seem to help. Any other ideas?
  4. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    Cables are within 100 feet. On both locations, the antennas are 150 feet apart. Due to the range of the antennas (even set to lowest power), there are no channels that are not congested. It is picking up probably 100 Access points in the area some on each channel but lower strength than the other antenna in our circuit by far
  5. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    AP does not power off. No Devices can find it until we power it off and back on, then devices find the network and are able to connect to it. We have tried it with 4 different ENS202 units (alternating which one is broadasting) in 2 different environments. Both are having same issue
  6. PlatinumCCTV

    ENS202 Issue

    We recently installed 2 sets of antennas for two separate clients, and are having intermittent issues. On each site, we have two antennas: one set to access point, and the other set to client bridge. The Access point stops broadcasting and needs to be rebooted to re-establish connection. This happens frequently, on a daily at the best basis. The antennas are ENS202 Long Range Wireless 11N Outdoor AP/CB units. Firmware version is: 1.5.68

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